Is it Worth Trying Out an Affiliate Scheme?

There are many ways that we can make money online and one of them is to make money form an affiliate scheme. This might sound a bit dodgy but it isn’t not as long as you do it properly and it can be a way to earn some extra money. It is good to understand how they work and then you can figure out whether it will be a good idea for you to do.

What is an Affiliate Scheme?

An affiliate scheme is where a company will pay you if you create leads that result in sales of their products. For example, Amazon offers this, where if you give someone your affiliate link and they use it to buy items from Amazon, they will then pay their affiliates a percentage of the sale price. Some companies offer this on all of their items, but Amazon offers it only on some of their items. It is a way to make money from people buying things without actually having to hold any stock. There are some companies that you can go through which will have a big selection of different sellers that you can choose from or you can go directly to some. For example, you can get paid directly from Amazon for their affiliate scheme but for some you may have to go through a accompany such as Tradedoubler and they will provide you with affiliate links for many different retailers.

How do you set it up?

You will need a way for people to see the products that you are linking to and this is most likely to be some sort of website. You could set the website up just like a shop, with items listed on it but when a person chooses to buy that item it will take them to the retailer’s website through the affiliate link and if they buy it you get paid. However, there are other more subtle ways too. You might want to create an informative page and have a shop within it or just links saying where you can buy products. For example, you could have a website dedicated to a certain series of books. Have information about the author and the books, the characters and things like that. Then have a page which links to where you can buy the books which goes to Amazon where they can but the book. There are rules though about this sort of site – you need to state that the links on your site are affiliate links and that you will make income from sales made through them. This is a fairly new rule but if you do not make this clear on your website you could risk having the site shut down.

Will it work for me?

This may sound fairly straightforward. Even if you cannot set up the website yourself, you could pay someone to do it and then wait for the income to come in. However, it is never this simple to make money. You will need to be sure of a few things. Firstly. You need to try to tap into a market which is either new and you can take advantage of, a niche area where there not much competition or one that is currently popular. So, you need to think carefully about the sorts of things that you are doing. You will then also need to promote the website so that people can see it. It is easy to think that a website will promote itself but it will not. Having a website with no promotion is like printing leaflets and leaving them at home. You will need to think about how you will let people know about it using different advertising techniques, setting up a social media presence and things like that. It is well worth learning all about marketing before you start as it is vital to understand it and if you wait to learn on the job it may mean that it takes a long time before you can start to see any money coming in.

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