We at Meadow Money are here to help you. We have an aim to help as many people as possible with their finances. Whether you have very little money or lots of it, we know that there can be times when it is difficult to make ends meet. Therefore, we have set up this website to help. We have information on this site to help you. The aim is to provide you with hints and tips of things that might enable you to get in control of your money. This is in all sorts of different ways from earning more, spending less, budgeting and making sure that you make the right financial decisions so that you can be in the best possible financial situation. We often feel like we need more money and it is unfair that some people seem to be much richer than others. However, whatever our income and situation, if we manage our money carefully we can feel just as financially stable or even more so. If we keep our debt and spending under control and earn as much as we can, then we can feel in control compared to some people with more money who might have bigger debts and expenses and struggle even more.